About Me

Online I go by the name of Silver. I was born on 22nd June 1988 in Somerset, England which is where I have spent my whole life. I'm an only child, my eyes are hazel and my hair brown, my favourite colour is green and and my favourite group are Queen! I live in a self contained annexe, so with, but not with, my parents! We have a family Labrador who is now 13 years old (born 1999) and my dogs!

My life is my Papillons and Phalenes (and a Kooiker!), whom I also show. I currently have three dogs of my own - two Phalenes and a Kooikerhondje. Then I also have a very close relationship with two wonderful ladies and their dogs are like my own as well. I sometimes show, and I usually have at least one of their dogs living with me - whoever needs training at the time!

In terms of other interests I used to help at the RSPCA, I started in about 1996/1997 and had to stop when I became too disabled. I also used to help regularly (about twice a week) at a local special school for kids with severe learning difficulties which I did from 2003 until 2007. Now the dogs don't leave me spare energy for other pursuits! I collect both Pokemon and Neopets cards as well as frogs, butterflies and anything with Papillons and/or Phalenes on.

I've had problems pretty much all my life, eventually it was decided that I have a muscular condition of some sort, possibly under the "muscular dystrophy" umbrella. It took a very long time for them to diagnose which was very difficult for me - I lost a very important part of my life which I can never get back now - my teenage years were all spent predominantly in bed and I never went to school properly after Year 5 (age 9-10). I never got to do the growing up that people take for granted, which I suppose will always be with me!

I first discovered Petz in about 1996, when a friend owned the game. I used to spend a lot time at this friend's house, so I played it frequently but it wasn't until 2000 that I got my own copy - Dogz 3, followed shortly after by Catz 3. That same year I came across the Petz Kennel Club (PKC), and I've been an active member there ever since. I own every Petz program except Dogz 1 (plus Babyz and Oddballz!)

In April 2001 I created my first website, which started on MSN but by July of that year had undergone a complete remodel, a name change and got a domain name all of it's own! Petz.org.uk followed in November 2002 as a very basic resource site, and finally in 2009 I decided to change everything round - by this time I had Tie-Dye Petz (est. 2001), Argent (est. 2004, when I split the PKC section off from TDP) and of course POU (est. 2002).