Downloadable Adoptionz - Catz

Would you like to adopt a pet, and don't mind that it's not one of a kind you've come to the right place! There are no forms to fill in! Just click 'download petz name now!' and you can play with the pet right away! The files are in .zip format, and need a program like Winzip to unzip them.

These petz are not to be posted on any other site - if you want to let people download them link back to Tie-Dye Petz ( so they can come here and download them!

Carmal is a female Chinchilla Persian x Orange Shorthair.
Download Carmal Now!

Danielle is a female Mixed Breed. Petz 5 Only
Download Danielle Now!

Giga is a Hexed Calico.
Download Giga Now!

Jecusia is a female hexed Persian.
Download Jecusia Now!

Sirrus is a male hexed Persian.
Download Sirrus Now!

Ture is a Hexed Calico.
Download Ture Now!

Stephainie is a female mixed breed.
Download Stephainie Now!