Adoption Info, Rules & Tips

Welcome to the adoption section of Tie-Dye Petz! Before being put up for adoption all petz have been flea sprayed, fed, played with, groomed and had medicine.
Please note: Unless they need special breedfiles only available for Petz 3, only available for Petz 4 or only available for Petz 5 they will all run in Petz 3 or above.

  • Keep 'TDP's', my prefix, somewhere in the show name. Feel free to add your own, unless otherwise stated.
  • When I say "Don't just write 'Cos it's cute' it's fine to write it as part of your adoption application, just not "I would like to adopt her cos she's cute." and leave it at that
  • Two petz per person per week
  • For trade petz the pet you want to trade cannot be a first generation adoption centre pet.
  • Updates aren't necessary, but are very nice
  • Send the pet back if you can no longer care for them!
  • Have fun with your new pet ^_^
  • You will be more likely to get a pet next time you apply if you write me updates and notify me that you got the pet ok.
  • All petz that are Apply For will be very special, so make your application of good quality!
  • I like it if you use the petz name instead of saying "she" "he" or "it" all the time.