Must be a Petz site.
Must have ICQ, AIM, MSN or Yahoo and be willing to talk to me on one of them :)
Your layout must work in 800x600 and 1024x768. Two versions are allowed, if necessary.
The site you'd like to host with me must be displayed somewhere online for me to look at.
No arenas for conformation shows I'm afraid - they use up too much bandwidth
No file storage
If you have a file uploaded to your site you're not using please delete it

You will get...
Up to 5MBs space. You will be notified if you go over that limit. I will then give you 3 warnings. If you still don't bring your site under 5MBs after that time I'll close your site.
A reasonable amount of bandwidth (transfer). I'll notify you if you're using too much.
Your own FTP account
A Friend/Someone to talk to
PHP, CGI, Perl and MySQL support
POP3 Email, forwarder, & autoresponder (If you want it)
Custom 404 page
A monthly stats report.

Your Name:
Your Age:
Your Email:
Site Name:
Site Address:
How much space do you need (Not want, need)? (Eg. 2.4MBs):
Do you know FTP?
Have you been previously hosted?
What would you want the address to be? (Change ‘you’):
Would you want a pop3 account? What would you want the address to be? (, fill in ‘you’):
Would you want an email fowarder?
Why do you want to be hosted at (the more detail, the better)
Any requirements?
Anything else?